Our Vision:

Growth and Success

Our Mission:

To help business owners and leaders improve their conditions dramatically


Our Core Values:


  • Respect and Collaboration: always win-win

  • Integrity and Trust: vulnerability enables growth

  • Commitment to Excellence: bringing our best to every person and project

  • Results: We guarantee our work

  • Fun and Balance: Joy in work and joy in life

Placeholder description

Murray Smith, Founder and President


I am an avid canoeist, with a blue canoe, of course…


When not in my canoe I work with business owners and organizational leaders to

  • Clarify vision
  • Define and execute strategy and
  • Build leadership talent

These are the elements required for business success.



My role is to help people develop their innate talents and to use them consistently to achieve their organizational goals.


My career began as a small business entrepreneur and employer, employing up to 20 people. I learned my business lessons the hard way, by trial and error, and discovered that vision was more than having a good idea, strategy was essential for success and that my leadership had to be more than being the boss if I was going to succeed. As my career progressed the lessons learned in my 20’s grew in scale as my responsibilities grew but the fundamental vision, strategy, and leadership principles for success remained the same.


For more than a decade I have been providing vision, strategy, and leadership consulting, coaching and training services to business and organizational leaders.  During this same period I have also had the privilege of teaching business leadership and strategy at Conestoga College, in Kitchener Ontario, where I help prepare the next generation of Canada’s business leaders.



We Deliver Growth & Success

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